Enjoy Scenic Views from Two Wheels when on the Cape

If you’re new to Biking on the Cape, you might wonder what the Cape Cod Rail Trail is. It’s a paved path that stretches from Yarmouth to Wellfleet as of 2021. 

The route is located on a section of what used to be part of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. The railroad was originally built for freight and passenger trains after the Civil War. However, the passenger service ended in the early 1960s, and the freight service ended in the 1970s. 

How long is the trail, you may ask? Currently, it’s 27.6 miles long with expansion plans. Although it is ambitious, it is possible to bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail in one day. Ideally, you could spend a few days exploring attractions along the route and maybe even swim in some of the freshwater ponds that you’ll pass along the way. 

Also, the asphalt and mostly flat grade make it easy for all skill levels to cycle and bike the path. It’s even friendly for stroller and wheelchair users. Keep in mind, though, that Orleans and Wellfleet have a few minor grades. 

The CCRT starts at the S. Dennis trailhead parking area, conveniently located just minutes from Route 6 on Route 134. Get off at Exit 9A and head south on Route 134 past Patriots Square plaza and Cumberland Farms. About 1/2 mile down from the exit you’ll see a sign and parking lot on the left – turn here for the trail entrance.

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