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Explore some of the best Kayak and Paddleboard Opportunities

Cape Cod has some of the best kayaking opportunities found anywhere in North America, mainly due to the diversity of its water bodies. 

For some, there is nothing better than a day on the ocean in a kayak, as you can quietly maneuver along the shoreline and access beaches, islands and areas that you can’t get to any other way. 

For others, kayaking through a still pond or lake is their  go to, since you are protected from rough water and weather, and can quickly get to shore for a break when needed. You are also never far from your vehicle, so returning after a day spent on the water is much more manageable. 

Or, you might look for a river or stream to navigate in your kayak, which can provide access to both the ocean and some ponds, depending on the route you take. 

As you can see, the Cape has everything you could ever want from a kayaking destination and if you aspire to get out on the water this vacation, make sure you bring your boat. Alternatively, there are kayak rental locations found throughout Cape Cod, if needed. 

There are two kinds of SUPs, hard core and inflatable. The hard core boards are better for deep, rough waters, like the ocean; inflatables are perfect for lazy, shallow rivers. Both work in freshwater ponds. When it comes to paddles, all are adjustable, but opt for the more sturdy, one-piece paddle. You’ll want the extra weight of a solid paddle compared to the lighter, easy to pack, two-piece paddle. 

Always make sure to have a leash wrapped around your foot and a personal flotation device on your waist or chest. Pro tip: keep the leash on the board, rather than in the water; as its drag will slow you down. Lastly, make sure you have the proper sized fins on the bottom of the board based on your activity. If you are paddling in a narrow river, you’ll want smaller fins made for quick turns that won’t scrape the bottom. If you are riding waves, you’ll want longer fins to help keep the board straight while getting pushed around by the waves. 

Now the more important question, where to SUP on Cape Cod? We have got you covered.

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