Things To Do in Cape Cod

Cape Cod offers a wide range of activities for every visitor. Our rental associate have compiled this list of hand selected businesses and area attractions to help you plan your vacation!

Fun Activities for kids of all ages!

Kids of all ages love Cape Cod! Families can plan a full day of activities on the Cape, beginning with the beach, lunch at one of the many Cape restaurants, and mini-golf, and ending with a movie and popcorn at one of the nation’s only remaining drive-in theaters.  We have everything from pirate boats where children can pull up their own loot, to fishing excursions and an array museums. There are surf and stand-up paddle lessons, hikes through tidal pools, boat cruises for kids, and more.

With 559 miles of coastline and 15 towns, there are a great variety  of places to see on Cape Cod. It is best known for its spectacular natural beauty, fun-filled recreational activities, and beautiful migrating whales. And, of course, some of the best beaches on Cape Cod which are listed among the best and most beautiful in the USA.

Trampolines Harwich: (508) 432-8717

Bumper Boats – Harwich: (508) 430-1155

Cartwheels Family Fun Center – South Dennis: (508) 394-6755

CC Inflatable Park – West Yarmouth: (508) 771-6060

Cape Abilities Farm Store – Chatham: (508)-945-3037

Chatham Friday night concerts Chatham

Candle Pin Bowling – Orleans (508) 255-0636

Drive-In Theatre Wellfleet:(508) 349-7176

Cape Cod Lavender Farm Harwich:(508) 432-8397

Whydah Pirate Museum West Yarmouth:(508) 534-9571

Some of Our Favorite Cape Cod  Museums

The Cape has over 83 museums to explore, including larger ones like the Cape Cod Museum of Art and Heritage Museums & Gardens, and dozens of smaller, more intimate museums and historical societies with intriguing story to tell about the region’s rich heritage.

Cape Cod has cultural and recreational activities for any age or interest. Combine that with a long history as one of America’s oldest settled regions, and it’s no wonder the area is bristling with museums. Museum hopping is the perfect rainy-day (or otherwise) activity for history, art and culture buffs visiting the Cape. Some are open seasonally, some year-round, and all have something informative and interesting waiting for you.

Cahoon Museum of American Art (Cotuit)

The Cahoon is an educational, fun, and inspiring place to engage with contemporary art, enjoy family-friendly events, educational programs, and tours and visit a fantastic museum shop – all housed in an 18th century New England home with a modern gallery addition.

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History (Brewster)

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History integrates the three strands of its organizational identity – as museum of natural history, nature education center, and steward of conservation land.

As a small museum of natural history, we will preserve, exhibit, and interpret our own collections of natural history artifacts and display relevant traveling and loan exhibits. We may also collaborate with local and regional organizations on co-sponsored exhibits.

As a nature education center, we will engage children and adults in high-quality programs, classes, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, films, walks, field trips, traditions and interactive exhibits that reveal the many facets of the natural world and the reciprocal impacts that humans and nature exert on each other. As befits a nature education center, we will explore our potential as a center for citizen scientists and amateur naturalists, and as a forum for informed discussion of important issues related to the natural world, especially on Cape Cod.

As a steward of 400-plus acres of museum-owned land in Stony Brook Valley and Brewster conservation land adjacent to the museum, including Wing’s Island, the salt marsh, and the beach along Cape Cod Bay between Quivett and Paine’s Creeks, we will monitor and protect the land and focus our programming on its varied habitats – our outdoor classroom and teaching tool. Programs may also take place elsewhere on Cape Cod and in New England when appropriate.

Heritage Museum and Gardens (Sandwich)

Heritage is perfect for the whole family, with walking paths, beautiful gardens, permanent collections and changing special exhibits. Don’t miss the Café Run by the award-winning Belfry Catering – the café is ready to serve you sandwiches, salads, ice cream, snacks, and beer & wine. The Shop at Heritage – An eclectic assortment of items inspired by our surroundings. Unique home décor, items for the garden, stationary and toys for all ages are just some of the items waiting for you.

Highlights include:

  • Classic automobile collection
  • A comprehensive collection of Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons and daylilies
  • Let’s Play special exhibit
  • Hidden Hollow family play and explore area

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum (Hyannis)
The John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum Foundation preserves and promotes the legacy of President Kennedy, his family, and their deep connection to Cape Cod. John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum is a multimedia exhibit designed to open a window on the days JFK spent on Cape Cod; days relaxing with family, days playing football and many days spent sailing on the ocean to which he and his family were so drawn too.

The exhibit features over 80 photographs spanning the years 1934 to 1963 and is arranged in thematic groupings to reflect John F. Kennedy, his family, his friends and the Cape Cod he so dearly loved. In addition to photography, a video narrated by Walter Cronkite depicts the president’s experiences on the Cape. Several themed areas include charged oral histories of JFK’s friends.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Museum (Mashpee)

Through the door of the Museum the history and culture of the Wampanoag from the Stone Age to the present is carefully detailed through a range of exhibits. First established under the guidance of the Mashpee Historical Commission, the Museum is the only one in existence devoted exclusively to Wampanoag history.

Housed in a fine example of an old half Cape Cod house, the Museum contains displays of ancient artifacts and other Native American heirlooms that form a chronological commentary on life among the Wampanoag for thousands of years. Displays include a variety of tools, baskets, hunting and fishing implements, weapons and domestic utensils. The focal point in the exhibits is a large diorama depicting a typical scene from an early Wampanoag settlement.

Pilgrim Monument Provincetown Museum (Provincetown)

The Pilgrim Monument was founded in 1892 as the Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association—Cape Cod’s oldest not-for-profit organization. Its purpose is to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing in the New World in Provincetown, in November 1620. Here the Pilgrims spent 5 weeks exploring the tip of Cape Cod before they sailed on to Plymouth. They also drew up and signed the Mayflower Compact, which established the rule of law for the new land.

The Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association built the Pilgrim Monument to honor the Pilgrims’ first landing in Provincetown. President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone in 1907. In 1910, President William Howard Taft dedicated the finished 252-foot tower. In 1910, the Cape’s first building built to house a museum opened at the base of the monument, to educate the public about Provincetown’s role in Pilgrim history and American history.

Today, millions of visitors and generations of local residents have admired and climbed the 252 foot granite Pilgrim Monument for almost 100 years.

The Provincetown Museum is a charming mix of the old and the new. The permanent exhibits retain the charm of an old-fashioned history museum. Exhibits highlight the arrival of the Mayflower Pilgrims, the town’s rich maritime history, the early days of modern American theater in Provincetown, and the building of the monument.

There is also a recreation of a 19th century sea captain’s parlor at home and his quarters at sea, a diorama of the Mayflower Compact being signed aboard the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor, and a scale model of the first theater of the Provincetown Players.

The Cape Cod Museum of Art (Dennis)

Founded by artists in 1981, CCMoA is the home of Cape Cod Art. The Museum preserves the work of the Cape’s finest artists and celebrates the distinctive artistic identity of the Cape, the Islands and the region. It is a major hub of the cultural life of the region.  Through its outstanding art collection and diverse programming, CCMoA educates, inspires and excites the imagination while caring for and connecting

The Museum is situated in a beautiful setting surrounded by a Sculpture Garden at the Cape Cod Center for the Arts. CCMoA has seven galleries, a museum shop and a film screening room. The Cape Cod Museum of Art’s mission as the preeminent art organization on Cape Cod is to educate, inspire and excite the imagination of all by using their outstanding collection and diverse programming.

The Sandwich Glass Museum (Sandwich)

The Sandwich Glass Museum has “Relit the Fires in Sandwich” with a glass furnace for hourly glass making presentations and new exhibits to better tell the story of the glass industry in Sandwich. While we will not be able to completely recreate that booming, smoking glass factory, our visitors are able to feel the heat from the glory hole on their faces. They can watch the glassblower turn and twist the hot glass into wonderful forms, and visions of those former days will not be so difficult to understand or imagine.

Great Options for Spotting Whales & Seals

Cape Cod is a world-class destination for whale watching. Go whale watching along Stellwagen Bank, one of the world’s finest whale feeding grounds located off Cape Cod Bay. Seal cruises are another fun on-the-water experience, putting you right up close with these adorable mammals. Daily whale watch and seal tour excursions are offered in season, led by experienced naturalists.

When is the Cape Cod whale watching season?
Whale watching season on Cape Cod begins mid-April and runs through October. Peak migration period for the whales is from June through September.

Why is whale watching such a popular activity on Cape Cod?
Cape Cod is a world-class destination for whale watching because of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a rich feeding ground just off of Cape Cod that attracts a large percentage of the world’s whale population annually. Stellwagen Bank consistently ranks among the top 10 places on the planet to see whales in their natural habitat.

How much does a whale watch on Cape Cod cost?
Whale watch excursions leave from three local ports – Barnstable, Provincetown and just over the bridge in Plymouth.

What should I bring with me on my Cape Cod whale watching trip?
Suggested items to bring include sunglasses, sunscreen, a jacket, binoculars, a book for the downtime, and most importantly, a camera.

Bay Spirit Tours

Slip #1 180 Ocean Street Docks, Hyannis, MA 02601
Visit Website for Bay Spirit Tours

Beachcomber Boat Tours

174 Crowell Road, Chatham, MA 02633
Visit Website for Beachcomber Boat Tours

Blue Claw Boat Tours

235 Main Street, Orleans, MA 02653
Visit Website for Blue Claw Boat Tours

Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours

10 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360
Visit Website for Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Provincetown Chamber office, Macmillan Pier, Provincetown, MA 02657
Visit Website for Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

269 Millway, Barnstable, MA 02630
Visit Website for Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

Outermost Harbor Marine

83 Seagull Road, Chatham, MA 02633
Visit Website for Outermost Harbor Marine

Shark Shark Tuna Fishing Charters

17 Neptune Ln, Yarmouth, MA 02664
Visit Website for Shark Shark Tuna Fishing Charters

Cape Cod Tide Charts

(774) 404-8005

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Whale and Seal Information

(508) 896-3500

Kayak & Paddleboard Adventures on the Cape

Cape Cod has some of the best kayaking opportunities found anywhere in North America, mainly due to the diversity of its water bodies.

For some, there is nothing better than a day on the ocean in a kayak, as you can quietly maneuver along the shoreline and access beaches, islands and areas that you can’t get to any other way.

For others, kayaking through a still pond or lake is their  go to, since you are protected from rough water and weather, and can quickly get to shore for a break when needed. You are also never far from your vehicle, so returning after a day spent on the water is much more manageable.

Or, you might look for a river or stream to navigate in your kayak, which can provide access to both the ocean and some ponds, depending on the route you take.

As you can see, the Cape has everything you could ever want from a kayaking destination and if you aspire to get out on the water this vacation, make sure you bring your boat. Alternatively, there are kayak rental locations found throughout Cape Cod, if needed.

There are two kinds of SUPs, hard core and inflatable. The hard core boards are better for deep, rough waters, like the ocean; inflatables are perfect for lazy, shallow rivers. Both work in freshwater ponds. When it comes to paddles, all are adjustable, but opt for the more sturdy, one-piece paddle. You’ll want the extra weight of a solid paddle compared to the lighter, easy to pack, two-piece paddle. Always make sure to have a leash wrapped around your foot and a personal flotation device on your waist or chest. Pro tip: keep the leash on the board, rather than in the water; as its drag will slow you down. Lastly, make sure you have the proper sized fins on the bottom of the board based on your activity. If you are paddling in a narrow river, you’ll want smaller fins made for quick turns that won’t scrape the bottom. If you are riding waves, you’ll want longer fins to help keep the board straight while getting pushed around by the waves. Now the more important question, where to SUP on Cape Cod? We have got you covered.

Adventure Chatham

: (800) 809-1750

Bass River Kayaks, Cruises and Paddle boards

(508) 398-0060

Cape Cod Waterways

: (508) 398-0080

Xplore Cape Cod

: (508) 328-7064

Goose Hummock Shop

: (508) 255-2620

Great Marsh Kayak Tours

(508) 328-7064

Jack’s Boat Rental

: (508) 349-9808 (also locations at Nickerson State Forest in Brewster), (508) 896-8556, and Gull Pond in Wellfleet, (508) 349-7553

RideAway Adventures

: (508) 247-0827

All Aboard for a Fishing Adventure

There are plenty of fun sport fishing options for aspiring anglers to choose from if they want to explore Cape Cod waters! Deep-sea fishing excursions, particularly for bass and bluefish, depart in season from many of the Cape’s harbors

Stretching 65 miles out from the mainland into the sea, it’s hardly a surprise that Cape Cod’s fishing scene is up there with the best in the country. Heck – it even has a fish species in its name! This peninsula boasts centuries of angling tradition that some even say go back as far as the Vikings.

The list of fish you can catch in Cape Cod is almost endless. Hit the sounds, bays, flats, and even head out to the heart of the Atlantic, and you’re sure to catch what you want. Some of the most delicious fish on the East Coast and plenty of prized game fish call these waters home, so prepare to get your fish on!

Cape Cod party boat fishing/Charter fishing is a great way to get into it. In all major port towns, from Provincetown to Falmouth, you’ll find some large vessels ready to take you out to the bays. These boats come fully equipped with everything you need for a productive day, so all you need to do is settle in and enjoy the ride.

Popular in all the East Coast’s bays, party boat fishing offers something for everyone. Captains and tour guides can run trips that include some sightseeing or whale watching for the kids, with others focused on getting the most out of the water. Whatever you decide on, you’ll be sharing your experience with like-minded individuals. Who knows?

Cape Cod Sport Fishing

: (508) 790-7820

Capeshores Charters

: (508) 237-0399

Magellan Fishing Charter

: (508) 237-9823

Rock Harbor Charter Fishing

: (508) 255-9757


:  (774) 722-2691

Jailbreak Sport fishing

: (508) 237-3962

Cap’n Kid

: (508) 430-0066

Take it E-Z

: (508) 241-8669

Down East Charters

: (802) 751-9006

Zen Charters

: (508) 292-9674

Biking in Cape Cod

Enjoy the scenic views from 2 wheels- when on the Cape make time to check out the Cape Cod rail trail!

If you’re new to Biking on the Cape, you might wonder what is the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It’s a paved path that stretches from Yarmouth to Wellfleet as of 2021. The route is located on a section of what used to be part of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. The railroad was originally built for freight and passenger trains after the Civil War. However, the passenger service ended in the early 1960s, and the freight service ended in the 1970s.

How long is the trail, you may ask? Currently, it’s 27.6 miles long with plans for expansion. Although it is ambitious, it is possible to bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail in one day. Ideally, you could spend a few days exploring attractions along the route and maybe even swim in some of the freshwater ponds that you’ll pass along the way. Also, the asphalt and mostly flat grade make it easy for all skill levels to cycle and bike the path. It’s even friendly for stroller and wheelchair users. Keep in mind, though, that Orleans and Wellfleet have a few minor grades.

The CCRT starts at the S. Dennis trailhead parking area, conveniently located just minutes from Route 6 on Route 134. Get off at Exit 9A and head south on Route 134 past Patriots Square plaza and Cumberland Farms. About 1/2 mile down from the exit you’ll see a sign and parking lot on the left – turn here for the trail entrance.

Cape Cod Rai Trail: (508) 896-3491

Brewster Bike: (508) 896-8149

Wheelhouse Bike Co – Chatham

(774) 840-4156

Chatham Hood Bikes

(508) 469-0210

Little Capistrano Bike Shop – Eastham

(508) 255-6515

Orleans Cycle

(508) 255-9115

Sea Sports Cyclery & Outdoor – Hyannis

(508) 790-1217

Bike Zone Sandwich 

(508) 321-1477

RideAway Adventures

(508) 247-0827

Pedego Electric Bikes Cape Cod – Yarmouth

(774) 552-4537

Perfect for Scenic Walks & Hikes

Cape Cod is no doubt a great destination for vacationers, and a lovely place for residents too! It serves everything you require to have a great time, from lighthouses to seafood and awesome beaches. Above that, it has some of the best hiking trails in Massachusetts.

There are all kinds of trails to suit every type of hiker. Whether you love a tough terrain in the woods or a gentle trail, you will find one. Similarly, there are trails designed for long hikes and others for short stints.

With a landmass of 338.998 sq. mile, you can bet that Cape Cod has a lot to offer.

Cape Cod Rail Trail- Great for Biking and Walking 

It is 22 miles of paved trail for you to enjoy. This trail connects up to six towns – Dennis, Brewster, Eastham, Harwich, Wellfleet, Eastham, and Orleans. This makes it an ideal trail for long hikes, even better when you go as a group. There are also plans to extend its length by a further 3.7 miles.

It has been around for close to 50 years now, making it one of the oldest tracks in the area. It has undergone several facelifts during this time and is now among the most comfortable trails you can visit. Parking spots are not a problem along the way. This means you can shorten or lengthen your hike as much as you wish.

The trail is also used for other forms of outdoor recreation, including horse riding, biking, skiing, and rollerblading. None of these activities are likely to cause you any discomfort as you go about though. Most hikers on this trail tend to start out from St. Dennis and go through its entire length. You may, however, start at any point depending on how far you want to go. There are many crossings along the way, so you should look out for other users. You do not have to pack heavy as there are numerous stopovers where you can restock.

Town of Orleans Trail Maps

Town of Harwich Trail Maps

Town of Brewster Trail Maps

Town of Chatham Walking Trails

Town of Eastham Walking Trail

Town of Dennis Walking Trails<

Town of Provincetown Walking/Hiking Trails

Ferry to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard

Cape Cod ferries are certainly worth considering when trying to get to Cape Cod proper, and they can also be of interest to those who are trying to get to the nearby islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This coastal region in Massachusetts is well-served by a variety of ferry boat companies, and island-hopping has arguably never been easier. Some of the ferries carry both passengers and vehicles, and for cycling enthusiasts, bringing a bike over is most often possible.

Leaving from a mainland port isn’t always necessary when it comes to the Cape Cod ferries. The island is connected via ferry service to the other area islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and there are numerous routes to choose from. It is possible to travel between Falmouth and the Martha’s Vineyard town of Edgartown by way of ferry, for example, and numerous vacationers rely on the ferries that go back and forth between Hyannis and Oak Bluffs. The ferries that offer trips from Hyannis to Nantucket, or vice versa, are also quite popular.

Regardless of which Cape Cod Massachusetts ferry travelers decide to go with, they are encouraged to show up for their trip at least an hour in advance. During the peak summer season especially, the ferry boat boarding process can get a little hectic, and it is simply better to have some extra time to work with. Cape Cod car rentals are available on the other side for those who want to have a vehicle but don’t wish to take it over on a ferry, and while the island’s public transportation network isn’t the most complete, there are options there as well.

Ferry to Nantucket & Vineyard – Steamship Authority

: (508) 477-8600

Ferry to Nantucket & Vineyard – Hy-Line Cruises

: 800.492.8082

Cape Cod Baseball League

The Cape Cod Baseball League is the premier amateur baseball league in the nation since 1885.  After being populated mostly by GIs returning from World War I in 1919 and WW II in the late 1940s, the CCBL continued to be populated by a combination of local and regional college players until 1963, when it became officially sanctioned by the NCAA.  Following a decade (1974-84) of using aluminum bats, the Cape League became the first collegiate summer league to use wooden bats in 1985 and became even more popular with major league scouts and college players and coaches and still is to this day!

The Cape Cod Baseball League is the premier collegiate summer baseball league in the nation founded in 1885.  The Cape Cod Baseball League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Players from across the United States representing all NCAA college divisions are recruited to play in the 10-team league.  Teams are located in Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Cotuit, Falmouth, Harwich, Hyannis, Orleans, Wareham and Yarmouth-Dennis.  The Cape Cod Baseball League has a 40-game regular-season schedule and an action-packed postseason made up of best-of-three quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship series.  The league operates primarily with volunteers and has since its’ inception which is another unique and appealing quality that is the Cape Cod Baseball League.

One in every six Major League Baseball players has played in the Cape Cod Baseball League.  There are annually 300 active Cape Cod Baseball League Alumni playing in the major leagues and more than 1,250 all-time.  Current major leaguers who played in the Cape Cod Baseball League include: Boston Red Sox Chris Sale (Yarmouth-Dennis 2009), Chicago Cub Kris Bryant (Chatham 2011), New York Yankee Aaron Judge (Brewster 2012), Minnesota Twin Josh Donaldson (Harwich 2006), Houston Astro George Springer (Wareham 2009-10), Colorado Rockie Charlie Blackmon (Cotuit 2005), Boston Red Sox Jackie Bradley Jr. (Hyannis 2009-11), New York Met Marcus Stroman (Orleans 2008), Los Angeles Dodger A.J. Pollock (Falmouth 2008) and Boston Red Sox Mitch Moreland (Bourne 2006-07).

With 136 years of success the Cape League wouldn’t be where it is today without the great partnership of all of our franchises, players, fans, friends and families! We would like to thank you for your support and we are looking forward to a great season!

Golfing your way around Cape Cod

If you’re a golfer and plan on hitting the links during your Cape Cod vacation, you should know a little bit about why the region is such a golf hotbed. It was truly a perfect storm that created the landscape, both physical and social, that led to the development of so many golf courses throughout the Cape.

You see, without the rolling hills found all over Cape Cod, the terrain might be a bit boring and, therefore, the courses wouldn’t be at the same level. The rolling hills were formed during the last ice age, about 15,000 years ago, when the glaciers retreated. The process is similar to how the kettle ponds were created all over the Cape, as it was the same geological process.

From a social point of view, it is Cape Cod’s proximity to Boston and its emerging golf scene during the Victorian era that led to so many golf courses being built. Basically, people in Boston loved to golf at that time, and the Cape was, and remains, a popular vacation destination for people from Boston and surrounding towns, so it made sense to construct the courses.

The end result is that Cape Cod has one of the country’s best golf scenes, with 27 public and 15 private facilities, which is a considerable amount for such a small area. For our purposes, we’ll look at some of the top public golf courses on Cape Cod that you can tee off from within a short distance of your vacation rental.


The Captains Golf Course:(508) 896-1716


Chatham Seaside Links: (508) 945-4774


Dennis Pines Golf Course:(508) 385-8347

Dennis Highlands Golf Course: (508) 385-8347


Cranberry Valley Golf Course: (508) 430-5234

Harwich Port Golf Course: (508) 432-0250


Hyannis Golf Course  (508) 362-2606

Old Barnstable Fairgrounds (508) 420-1141

Twin Brooks  (508) 862-6980


Bass River Golf Club: (508) 398-9079

Bayberry Hills Golf Course: (508) 394-5597

Blue Rock Golf Course: (508) 398-9295 (Par 3 Course)

Beaches Beaches Beaches

Many town beach offices have switched to an online/mail-in process for stickers.

For new visitors to Cape Cod it is helpful to know that in most cases, access to public beaches is administered by individual towns, often in the form of a pass or sticker. Depending on the town, these passes can vary in the length of time they are good for, which may be handy for short-term visits to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod National Seashore beaches operate differently: their fee system includes daily fees and a season pass that is usable at all six Seashore beaches. Several other types of passes (including senior citizen lifetime passes) are available, these are also usable at other National Park sites. Of note for families with young children or less capable swimmers: four of the six Seashore beaches are located on the backshore of the Outer Cape: surf conditions and water temperatures can be challenging. The other two: Race Point Beach and Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown aren’t as gentle or warm as Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound beaches, but tend to be less challenging than backshore beaches.

Some Cape Cod beaches allow visitors to pay a daily rate. These include Cape Cod National Seashore beaches, South Cape Beach State Park, Scusset Beach State Reservation, Sandy Neck Beach Park in West Barnstable and other well-known beaches, including Nauset and Skaket beaches in Orleans and West Dennis Beach. This allows some freedom of choice and the opportunity to visit beaches in different areas of the Cape.

General Info:

Cape Cod Beach Sticker Info

Cape Cod National Seashore Beach Sticker & Fees Information

By Individual Town:

Barnstable Beach Sticker Information

Brewster Beach Sticker Information

Chatham Beach Sticker Information

Dennis Beach Sticker Information 

Eastham Beach Sticker Information

Harwich Beach Sticker Information

Mashpee Beach Sticker Information

Orleans Beach Sticker Information

Truro Beach Sticker Information

Wellfleet Beach Sticker Information

Yarmouth Beach Sticker Information

Dining Cape Cod

From classic clams shacks to world-class cuisine, local menus of Cape Cod restaurants offer creative entrées to satisfy any palate. On the Cape and Islands, you’ll find everything from the freshest seafood and traditional New England fare to innovative American, Brazilian barbecue, authentic Italian and classic French cuisine.

Outdoor dining is widely available on Cape. Many restaurants also offer delivery, takeout and curbside pick-up. We encourage you to call restaurants ahead of time to secure reservations!

Dining with Water Views:

The view: Hyannis Harbor
The menu: At some point while you’re boarding the Hy-Line Cruises ferry to the islands, you may glance over at the Spanky’s deck and consider staying on the mainland. Instead, plan your return accordingly to stop for lunch at this well-loved clam shack, where you will have a tough choice between fried favorites and fresh lobster. Kick up your Sperrys and think about it over one of the frozen boat drinks.

Where: Mattakeese Wharf, Barnstable
The view: Barnstable Harbor
The menu: There’s just something about lunchtime by the harbor. This classic seafood stop is one more case in point. Perched on pilings above the harbor, the west-facing deck is one of the great places to catch the sunset (if your late lunch turns into dinner), and live music makes for a fun, festive atmosphere on summer nights. Go light on breakfast; baked stuffed lobster is the house specialty.

Where: Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham
The view: Atlantic Ocean
The menu: You haven’t been to Chatham without a drive along Shore Road, and the luxury resort’s Beach House is a classic spot to indulge in one of the Cape’s most incredible views. The panorama sweeps the shore from the fish pier to the lighthouse, with nothing more than beach grass and sand to obscure the mile-wide ocean views. Savor it all with a summer cocktail and the day’s local catch.

Where: The Lighthouse Inn, Dennis
The view: Nantucket Sound
The menu: The clam chowder comes served in a bread bowl, but you have an ideal spot to walk it off afterward—the inn’s private and adjoining town beach offer a beautiful stretch of sand that also beckons for a post-lunch nap. On sunny days, you can slip off your flip-flops and enjoy the views from a table on the lawn.

Where: Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House, South Yarmouth
The view: Nantucket Sound
The menu: Among the Skipper’s many claims to fame, it’s one of the Cape’s oldest waterfront restaurants, it’s a “triple-crown” threat (winner of Boston, Newport and Cape Cod chowder festivals), and it’s got an adjoining ice cream shack that is a compelling reason to skip lunch altogether. But, as the saying goes, don’t skip the Skipper. Grab a spot on the deck and enjoy the view with an old-fashioned lobster roll.

Where: Ocean Edge Terrace, Brewster
The view: Cape Cod Bay
The menu: Whether you opt for a table out on the terrace or gather round the outdoor bar, you’ll have gorgeous views out to the horizon in one of the Lower Cape’s most elegant settings. If you’re an oyster lover, don’t miss the local oysters here (harvested at Bay Pines Beach), or go for a creative seaside twist on a BLT, served with grilled shrimp and avocado,

Where: Fanizzi’s By the Sea, Provincetown
The view: Cape Cod Bay
The menu: It’s hard to pick the best view in P’town, but Fanizzi’s is one of the top contenders, with its “floating” spot above the water, overlooking the harbor and sea. Many love it for the seafood, but particularly on stormy days, you may find the sea stirs up a fisherman’s appetite for homestyle meatloaf or a thick Angus burger.

Where: The Lobster Pot, Provincetown
The view: Provincetown Harbor
The menu: Starting with the sign out front, the Lobster Pot is one of the Cape’s iconic destinations, and the view from its dining rooms would be enough reason why. But this is Provincetown, where the catch is local and the restaurants aim to impress a well-heeled tourist crowd, so come hungry for food worthy of the setting. Start with a cocktail at the upstairs Top of the Pot bar and ask your fellow patrons for menu recommendations; you’ll find out fast that everyone has a swear-by favorite.

Barnstable Area


Fig Tree Café :  Award-winning breakfast & lunch in The Mills

Morning Glory Cafe: fresh baked muffins, sandwiches and breakfast burritos

Pain D’Avignon Restaurant Boulangerie : great bakery

Persy’s Place : New England’s largest breakfast and brunch menu

Pineapple Caper Caféawesome breakfast and lunch offerings

Spoon & Seed: Farm to table

The Buttercup Café: Breakfast and lunch all day

The Daily Paper Fresh, local fare


Black Cat Taverncasual waterfront dining

Earthly Delightsnatural foods to go in Osterville

Mattakeese Wharf Seafood Restaurantwaterfront dining on the harbor!

Portside Tavernfamily owned, family friendly

Saga FusionHibachi & Sushi in Marstons Mills

Tavern on the Green at Old Barnstableoverlooks the golf course and sunsets at Marston Mills Airfield



Apt Cape Cod: Great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

Café Alfresco: Fresh coffee and muffins, breakfast take out

Eat Cake for Breakfast: the name says it all – YUMMY!

Ocean Terrace at Ocean Edge Resort: lovely setting for lunch or dinner

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters: great coffee shop!


Breakwater Fish & Lobster Marketgreat fish market and take-out

Brewster Inn and Chowder House (Woodshed): Good food, good service, good price.  The attached “Woodshed” offers nightly entertainment, Brewster’s only real “nightlife”.

JT’s Seafood: great family option, seafood, burgers, ice cream.  Dine in or take out

Freemans Grill: Casual atmosphere, affordable pricing.

El Guapo’s: Good Mexican fare, mostly outdoor seating, or take out

Stone L’oven Pizza: delicious pizza, subs, etc.

Chillingsworth:  4 star French Dining, always very well reviewed

The Brewster Fish Housedelicious seafood fare



Captain’s Table: Main Street in Chatham – indoor & outdoor seating

Chatham Cookware Café: neighborhood café in the village – great bakery and sandwiches.

Chatham Filling Station: best pancakes in town! And great BBQ!

Chatham Perk: pastries, juices, smoothies & sandwiches

Hangar B Eatery: at the airport, very good, upscale cuisine.

Larry’s PX: Chatham’s preeminent breakfast spot: Breakfast and Lunch only:


Bluefins Sushi & Sake Barbest sushi around

Branches Grill & Café : Caribbean-American cuisine

Carmine’s Pizza: Pizza to go or eat in, Main Street

Chatham Bars Inn: All dining outlets are open to the public besides special events for guests, weddings etc.

Chatham Squire: “Food for the Hungry, Drink for the Thirsty” Main Street Chatham institution.  The hub of nightlife in Chatham on the Tavern side.

Corner Store: Best burritos on Cape. Even breakfast burritos. Visit the Orleans location too.

Del Mar Bistro: excellent innovative food, good wine list

Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster: great seafood market & casual restaurant

Mom & Pops Burgers: best burgers in town

Pate’s: recently renovated, new chef, amazing food & cocktails

Red Nun: casual, quality, good draught beer selection (also in Dennis)

The Impudent Oyster: excellent, inventive cuisine.

Wild Goose Tavern: Casual Cape Cod cuisine, located at the Wayside Inn on Main Street



Good Friends Café : delicious home-cooking for breakfast everyday

Grumpy’s: Best Breakfast” by the Cape Cod Reader’s Choice

The Breakfast Room: breakfast everyday until 2pm

Three Fins Coffee Roasters: wonderful coffee shop


Captain Frosty’s: Good fried seafood, ice cream, etc.  Outdoor seating only.

Chapin’s Bayside: “just off the beach” atmosphere, near Chapin and Mayflower Beach, good for all ages, all the Cape menu essentials plus a good sized bar area.

Fin: upscale, contemporary seafood and more using local ingredients from farms, sea-farms, and sustainable fisheries

Gina’s By the Sea: local favorite since 1938

Lost Dog Pub: where the locals go, casual cuisine, good prices, big portions. “Come Sit, Stay”

Marshside Restaurant: Recently renovated, stunning new building, good food, nice views.

Scargo Café: excellent food, service and atmosphere.  Highly recommended.

Sesuit Harbor Café: located on Sesuit Harbor, BYO, only bar on site is a raw bar.  Fantastic location, good food.

Thai Ocha Cafégreat Thai food

The Ocean Houseupscale dining located on Nantucket Sound

The Den Cape Codterrific menu, something for everyone



Brineserving global cuisine, great brunch

Hole In One Donut ShopHand cut oversized donuts. Cinnamon buns, pastries, bagels. Flavored coffees. Local Favorite. Also in Orleans.

Chocolate Cafésweet treats for all occasions


Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar: Classic Cape Cod Clam Bar, hugely popular, mini golf.
508- 255-2575

Basco Grill: huge menu, something for everyone!

Fairway Restaurant: Cape Cod essentials, plus the Hole in One Diner is open for breakfast!
508- 255-3893

Stewart’s Seafood Restaurant: recently refurbished seafood restaurant with seafood market attached.  Nice bar area as well.
508- 240-7900

Royal Thai: good basic Thai



Capeside Kitchen breakfast and lunch, comfort food!

Lighthouse Caféhearty portions, family friendly atmosphere

Ruggie’s Breakfast and Lunch: Lots of options for breakfast and lunch.


Brax Landing: waterfront dining on Saquatucket Harbor, nice menu.

Buca’s: excellent Tuscan cuisine

Cape Sea Grille: upscale eclectic fare, very well reviewed.

Ember: coal fired pizza: modern atmosphere, creative pizzas.

George’s Pizza: local pizza in the heart of Harwich Port

Hot Stove Saloon: cozy baseball themed restaurant, excellent pub food, great place to catch the game!

Jake Rooney’s: affordable, good fare

Perk’s Beer Garden: Beer Garden, enough said

Scribano’s Italian Market & Deli great subs and prepared Italian foods

The Mad Minnow: delicious local seafood and other great dishes

The Port: casually upscale, modern interior, eclectic cuisine

Villa Roma: Very good Italian

Wequassett Resort: 5-star resort with wonderful dining options open to the public



Cottage Street BakeryBest bakery around!

Hole in OneRestaurant and coffee shop serving a full breakfast and lunch menu daily. Great Donuts!

Homeport: serving creative and satisfying Cape favorites to locals and visitors alike for the past 45 years+ 

Hot Chocolate SparrowLocal Café with desserts, ice creams, & their own chocolate made on site.

Jo Momma’s:  terrific NY Style bagels and sandwiches

The Railbreakfast all-day, on the way to Nauset Beach

Whiskwonderful breakfasts in East Orleans Village


Barley Neck Inn: Good food, interesting cocktails, live music in East Orleans.

Beacon Room: Great casual food, cozy atmosphere.

Corner Store: Best burritos on Cape. Even breakfast burritos. Visit the Chatham location too.

Jailhouse Tavern & Hog Island Brewery: great tavern food and family friendly brewery next door

La Bella Vita Kitchen & BarFantastic new Italian restaurant

Land Ho! An Orleans institution, no frills fare, classic Cape restaurant with delicious food.

Lost Dog Pubcasual fare, large portions, overall good value

Orleans Waterfront Inn: waterfront on Town Cove, great food, great people.

Rock Harbor GrillSeafood, Gastro-Pub and great pizza

Yardarm: Populous bar crowd, good food, good value, local favorite

Beach Gear Rentals & Baby Gear Rentals

There is nothing very like a relaxing and unwinding on a beautiful Cape Cod beach. Regardless of whether you need to enjoy invigorating water sports and other lively activities, or you would prefer simply lay back and relaxed absorb the sunshine, the sight of the sea, and the sounds of the waves,– you need to ensure that you can do as such in most extreme comfort, while you are likewise being shielded from the heat.
A day at the beach under the hot summer sun is PERFECT.

You can make it much more so with the addition of a beach umbrella, beach chairs and more. Despite that, don’t worry about acquiring your own — beach chair and umbrella rentals in Cape Cod have a few options for you to rent an umbrella and beach chair.

Baby, let’s rent some baby gear! Planning on taking an infant or toddler on a beach fun trip to the beautiful Cape Cod? There are several options for renting baby equipment on Cape Cod, these businesses main goal is to provide you and your family with the best beach and baby equipment rental items to ensure a great, comfortable, relaxing vacation for you and your baby. Rent baby gear such as a pack and play, full-size crib, stroller, high chair, car seat, sunshade, and more. Whether traveling by car or by plane, why lug all that heavy baby gear with you. Make life easier for yourself and rent baby gear, delivery of items may be available.

Essential Rentals: The essentials to create a one-of-a kind vacation home. Spend less time packing and more time relaxing!

Kid and Kaboodle – Specializing in baby and beach equipment rentals with over 20 years experience

RovAir Wireless – RovAir Wireless is the leading day pass provider of wireless mobile broadband for your Cape Cod vacation.

Cape Cod Linen Rental

Auntie Vi’s

Performing Arts

Cape Cod boasts over 25 local theaters, with an exciting lineup of musical revues, Broadway productions and beloved classics.  Performances at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis – America’s oldest professional summer theatre – attract some of the nation’s finest stage, television and film actors. The Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra is a polished and professional ensemble of 75 musicians. And Cape Cod Melody Tent is headlined by some of the finest popular musical acts from yesterday and today!

Barnstable Comedy Club

Village Hall – Route 6A, Barnstable, MA 02630
Box Office – 508 375 6333

Bill Hanney’s Cape Live!

Barnstable Performing Arts Center
744 W Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

Cape Cod Theater Company home of Harwich Junior Theater

105 Division Street, West Harwich, MA 02671
Box Office – 508 432 2002

Cape Playhouse

820 Route 6A, Dennis, MA 02638
Box Office – 508 385 3911

Cotuit Center for the Arts

404 Falmouth Rd, Cotuit
Box Office: (508) 428-0669


Cape Rep Theatre

3299 Route 6A, East Brewster, MA 02631
Box Office – 508 896 1888

The Chatham Drama Guild

134 Crowell Road, Chatham
Box Office: 508-945-0510

Monomoy Theatre

776 Main Street, Chatham, MA 02633
Box Office – 508 945 1589

Eventide Arts

Dennis Union Church, 713 MAin St. Dennis, MA 02638
Box Office – 508 255 9255


Academy of Performing Arts Playhouse

120 Main Street, Orleans, MA 02653
Box Office – 508 255 1963

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater

2357 Route 6, Wellfleet, MA 02667
Box Office – 508 349 3011

Payomet Performing Arts Center

29 Old Dewline Road, Truro, MA 02666
Box Office – 508 487 2300

Provincetown Theatre Company

238 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA 02657
Box Office – 508 487 8673

Cape Cod Bird Watching

Get your binoculars out! Cape Cod’s diverse habitats and geography make the destination the perfect place to watch migratory birds during the spring and fall. Shorebirds of every variety, songbirds, hawks, osprey, snowy owls, and other rare species pass through our region on their migratory paths.

Wildlife sanctuaries, ponds, conservation areas, and the Cape Cod National Seashore provide some spectacular opportunities for birdwatching.

Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary

Birdwatchers General Store

General Information